ColorSkill – Find the odd square

ColorSkill is a fun iOS game I wrote for training your color perception skills. The game idea is quite simple and easy to learn:

“Find the slightly different colored square” – in time 😀

You have 5 seconds each level to find the odd color and you have 5 lives for each game. So you have to be quick and careful at the same time. Also increases the level of difficulty over time as the number of squares increases every 10 solved squares.

ColorSkill calculates your personal skill color automatically during playing. The chart indicates the average time of all solved squares in this color spectrum when you tab on it. This information gives deep feedback about your color perception skills in the color range.

Only playing by yourself is sometimes a bit boring – therefore I implemented a split screen multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends face to face to figure out who has better color skills. More Information can be found on the landing page or refer to a review of AppAdvice in which they give you an impression what the app is about.

ColorSkill has already over 9000 world-wide players – Thank you all for loving this game!

Check out ColorSkill in the AppStore now – it’s FREE and available worldwide! Or find some more information on the ColorSkill landing page.