Appreciate – Focus on good things in life

My recent App I’ve written is an iOS App that encourages people to practice gratitude every day – and thereby make peoples life happier. 

The App is called “Appreciate – Your happiness lifehack” and helps you to focus on the positive things in life. Appreciate was written in cooperation with scientists working in the field of positive psychology. This relatively new research area adds value to traditional psychology, since it does not solely focus on dysfunction, but rather investigates positive human experiences, such as wellbeing, happiness, character strengths, and positive emotions like gratitude. Many recent studies in this area have found that feeling gratitude frequently is an essential ingredient for our happiness and wellbeing.




Appreciate is an App that is designed to support a regular practice of gratitude, since it helps people to notice and appreciate the good things in life. 

‘Daily reminders’ encourage users to think about anything or anyone they  are grateful for and to write it down in the App’s gratitude journal. A photo feature allows to express gratitude with pictures. ‘Happy Flashbacks’ is a feature that sends out push notifications on a weekly basis which randomly show past saved grateful moments. The Happy Flashback feature helps users to reminisce about past positive moments and relive the gratitude felt during those situations.

Appreciate is FREE and available worldwide! You can find more information on the landingpage.