JustBackItUp – The Photo Backup Tool

One of my last projects I wrote is a super handy backup tool for your iOS device. It was always a hassle to backup the nice photos you shot with your iPhone. Apples Photo App is a disaster in usability, stability and backup functionality.

Therefore I wrote JustBackItUp – the easiest way to backup your photos. Just connect your phone to you mac, select your personal backup folder and click backup. That’t it! You can also choose if you want to have the date of the photo/video in the filename – very handy to sort the photos afterwards I can tell! 🙂

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NDParallaxIntroView – Parallax Intro for iOS Apps

NDParallaxIntroView embeds a beautiful Intro/Tutorial to your iOS App. It’s easy in configuration and looks awesome with the parallax effect in background. I’ve developed a CocoaPod and a ‘drop-in’ version of the IntroView.

CocoaPod version:

‘Drop-In’ version:

That you see what you get…


If you have any comments or idea – ether comment here, open a bug on GitHub or create a pull request!
Enjoy! 🙂

Work-It-Out – Just focus on your workout

Work-It-Out is an workout manager I wrote to create, manage and customise according to your personal needs. Work-It-Out allows you to create your own workouts with all exercises you can imagine – Just enter the name, the repetition count and the time and the rest will be done by the app. It helps to focus during your workout by providing voice enabled instructions.

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New collapsive DatePicker for iOS available as cocoapod

If you have always wanted to have a customized UIDatePicker when developing a user registration interface in iOS you will love my latest project. NDCollapsiveDatePicker supports a highly customizable user interface for picking dates (e.g. dates of birth, dates for appointments, …). I created a cocoapod of my project,

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