NDParallaxIntroView – Parallax Intro for iOS Apps

NDParallaxIntroView embeds a beautiful Intro/Tutorial to your iOS App. It’s easy in configuration and looks awesome with the parallax effect in background. I’ve developed a CocoaPod and a ‘drop-in’ version of the IntroView.

CocoaPod version:

‘Drop-In’ version:

That you see what you get…


If you have any comments or idea – ether comment here, open a bug on GitHub or create a pull request!
Enjoy! 🙂

New collapsive DatePicker for iOS available as cocoapod

If you have always wanted to have a customized UIDatePicker when developing a user registration interface in iOS you will love my latest project. NDCollapsiveDatePicker supports a highly customizable user interface for picking dates (e.g. dates of birth, dates for appointments, …). I created a cocoapod of my project,

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